Dance and writing labs

So about 4 jobs and 3 flats ago I started working on a project with my pal Jen Malarkey to give space to choreographers and people who write for the stage to spend time together. We spent a really long time, talking, thinking and trying to find the right partners that would support a model that was really open and that truly allowed space to try things without any pressure of what it might become. And, crucially, a space that was responsive to how individual artists wanted to work together and trusted them to define that. We had some really interesting conversations about that. I suspect we'll continue to. 

Anyway. We got some partners. Nice ones. The Place and The Royal Court. And we got some money from ACE too. Thanks ACE. Plus we got our other pal, the ace writer Lee Mattinson involved.

So it's happening this August. And now we need some artists to take part. 

If you're interested, see more on the image below and click on it for a super simple application form

Basically you get some time and some space and some money and some performers to try stuff out with. I'm afraid there's no travel or accommodation budget though - sorry non London folks. I know that's a bit rubbish but something had to give in the budget. We hope to do other labs nationally if this one goes OK and we can find like minded partners elsewhere (that proved a bit tricky this time around). But if anyone wants a chat about that or wants to see our budget feel free to ask. Transparency init.

Side note - we also need a few more actors for the two Sundays to work with the makers. Must be very comfortable working in open, experimental studio processes. Drop me or Jen an email if you're interested at or

I hope you're interested and if you're not, share it with your friends cos they might be. 

Thanks and love! x

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