Wechtie is the online and freelance pseudonym of Paul Burns

Paul is a freelance consultant based in Edinburgh in the UK. He works with people and organisations, nationally and internationally, across a range of artforms including dance, theatre, live art and circus.

In very general terms, Paul helps people to think about things and to make things happen. Specific areas of work include:

  • Designing projects - using a facilitative approach in working with single or multiple organisations to design projects which meet complex needs
  • Programming and curation
  • Supporting artists and producers -  advice, coaching, strategy, dramaturgy and other interventions into the creative process
  • Organisational interventions - offering an outside eye or alternative perspectives on organisational practices and projects
  • Making connections - using a broad range of contacts and an awareness of current work across a variety of artforms to spot trends, recognise areas of shared interest and make connections between organisations, individuals and projects
  • Managing projects and programmes
  • Mentoring
  • Writing - including marketing copy, promoter copy, reports and funding proposals